Thursday, 28 March 2013

Technical Drawing !

As mentioned in my essay,i signed up for Interior Design Part Time Certificate Course in NAFA  during my holiday. I was very interested to learn how to design space and various aspects concerning the design of space. So far, i have completed the modules on Technical Drawing and Computer Drafting and I am currently attending the modules on Colour Perspectives and Model Making. the following are my darwings and drafts from my lessons.

This was my first drawing,i learnt about cutting planes,elevation lines,dimensions and on top of all,the importance of technical drawings. i learnt that these are actually legal documents and they have to be done accurately. I faced the difficulty of drawing really straight lines by holding the T square really firmly to the drawing board. i also had to bear in mind to draw from left to right and draw top to left. i also had remember which pens to use for which lines.

These were metric projections and i learnt about the angles of elevation for each projection.

This is a drawing on materials symbols and during this lesson i could learn so much about materials used in a building and its various properties and where each material is used.the difficulty about this task is the remember the details in each material and actually using the right pen to draw the details accurately.

This drawing on Plan and Sectional elevations of a room was the toughest to draw for me. it was because of the large amount of details that had to be taken care of and many dimensions that had to be precise too. i had to do it over a span of few days since it had many line weights overlapping and i had to be make sure they do not smudge.Despite being cautious i smudged a few lines and i had to use blades to scrape the ink off,which was a arduous task.

This is the furniture layout plan of the room and this task was not too tough in the sense that i did not have to keep changing line weights,but there were many dimensions that had to taken care of and many dimension lines to be drawn.special attention also had to be given to the labeling of the furniture.

This drawing was a pretty easy one because it was only the elevation and line weight was almost constant throughout the drawing.

This was also another elevation and it was not too hard but i had to be careful about the line weights throughout though.

This was the axonometric projection of the room which the drawings were for previously.the tough part was that we had to stick to the furniture plan given to us,so i only had space to design the details of the room,like the design of the wardrobe,where i inserted shelves instead of using the 3 doors wardrobe.i designed the digital clock and the wall hanging to give the room a funky look. other than that,line weights had to be taken care and drawing the axonometric position of the room was a difficult task and required close to 10 attempts for me to get it right.

This is a screenshot of the  house that i designed in the computer drafting Module using AUTOCAD 2D

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